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every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.
at Delaware Technical Community College - Wilmington Campus

Delaware Technical CC - Wilmington Campus - Southeast Building - Conference Center - 333 Shipley Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Get Directions

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April 30, 2014
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BG Laboratory is an analytical testing laboratory that offers a wide range of services, including: product testing, thermal analysis, air and liquid analysis, and unknown sample identification. Our niche is to provide our clients with accurate results in 24 hours.

Meet the Organizers

Deborah Schwartz

Debbie Schwartz, is the Property Manager of 2nd & LOMA a mixed use city block square consisting of 86 apartments and 20 commercial spaces located next to Del Tech. Previously co-owned 7 motorcycle, powersports and auto dealerships.

Dr. R. Scotti Lee

Dr. R. Scotti Lee founded and operated over 20 successful businesses in his career. He is also an inventor and environmentalist. As an author, Dr. Lee has written eight automotive books, three children books and one play. Now he is a consultant for the fast lube and car wash industry and a co-founder of North American Lubricants.

Mark Stellini

Mark Stellini has been called a “serial entrepreneur”.  Currently, he owns and operates Assurance Media, LLC, which provides Premise Security, A/V and Structured Cabling solutions.   Mr. Stellini serves as Chairman of Delaware Technical Community College Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  He also serves on the corporate Board of Directors of AIG Federal Savings Bank and is an appointed member of the New Castle County Vo-Tech School Board. 

Michael Ramone

Michael Ramone owns 6 successful businesses that employ over 200 individuals throughout the year; The Delaware Swim and Fitness Centers, The Delaware Swim Team, Aquatic Management Systems, and BC Communities, to name a few. Additionally, he was elected to the House of Representatives 21st District seat in 2008 for the State of Delaware’s General Assembly.

Paul Morris

Paul is the Director of Corporate and Community programs at the Delaware Technical Community College, Stanton/Wilmington Campus.

Past Organizers

Past Presenters

Angela Jo has been speaking, training and motivating audiences for over 33 years. Her passion is sharing messages of inspiration, authenticity and mindfulness to help you discover your greatest potential. Angela Jo offers personal coaching to guide people to discover their true purpose. Her book, Your "I Am" Wake Up Call, is a 31-day devotional that inspires you to journey within and to tap into your God-given qualities that are alive in your Spirit.

Kill the Cup

Kill the Cup is an innovative waste-reduction campaign for university and corporate campuses. We combine gamification, behavioral economics, and social media marketing to encourage people to reduce waste. We make reuse into a game. Users who upload photos of their reusable tumblers when they buy coffee and other beverages are entered into prize raffles. Kill the Cup makes it fun to go green! We reduce environmental impact, improve profits, & build community through college-based waste-reduction campaigns.

Angie's Baked Delights


Angie’s Baked Delights will give you “A Tasty Blessing in Every Bite”. Angela Hamilton is the founder of a small business called Angie’s Baked Delights that was established in May 2011. Angie Hamilton, better known as “The Cupcake Lady”, specializes in gourmet cupcakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, bars and specialty desserts. Ms. Hamilton’s giftedness and experience includes 20 years experience in baking, catering, event planning and organization, interior decorating, floral design, retail management, clothing boutique owner, banking, training, facilitator and coaching. Her experiences provide opportunities for supporting and rendering assistance in community outreach programs. Angie’s Baked Delights will add a “Tasty Blessing & Treat” to your special events (meetings, corporate affairs, banquets, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays and more).

Gourmet Specialty Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate

Geneva Fonda Photography

Geneva Fonda Photography is a location-flexible photography studio providing contemporary personal and business portrait services throughout Delaware and surrounding areas for women and men which have appeared in regional, national, and international publications.

Rowse Technologies, Inc.


Provides technical consultation to plastics and engineering design firms

Film Brothers Productions

Serving film/video production with a slice of entrepreneurship and community collaboration.

Bartology LLC

Environmental friendly, landfill avoidance removal service for residential and commercial with the main premise to reuse, repurpose, donate or recycle all that we clear out of your space. Growing the networks of non profits, schools, etc to help push the efforts of environmental good stewardship and really get us back into the days of good neighbors sharing, talking and working together for a better planet, earth day is every day and we all have a part. saving the planet one item at a time.

Secure Transport, LLC

Safe, reliable and efficient ground transportation. A full-service limousine/transportation company, with a full array of services to include: airport transfers, stretch limousines and more. From the top of Delaware, to Beach LIMO, we have the transportation assets you need! Call for a quote!

Empowerment That Values All, LLC or E.V.A. Consulting

The founder of E.V.A. is Troy Farmer, who is a mental health practitioner that specializes in professional and personal development, which encompasses a milieu of topics, strategies, and best practices. She has had the opportunity to partner with organizations, businesses, non-profits, etc. as an advocate for helping to create a "Healthy Business Culture" with behavioral and cognitive approaches. E.V.A. is a small business that consists of consulting, coaching and counseling services that provides learning and development and coaching support.

DeClutter Enterprise LLC

Carla L. Shipman better know as Ms. DeClutter is the founder and CEO of DeClutter Enterprise, a professional organizing service located in Middletown, Delaware founded in June 2008. Ms. DeClutter has a combination of over twenty years in the military and organization experience. Ms. DeClutter specializes in helping corporations, small businesses and individuals get organized by transform their living and work space.

Fusions Taster's Choice, LLC

The only store in Delaware that carries Ultra-Premium certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is the highest standard of olive oil in the world. Certified as ultra-premium 14 months from the time of crush, representing the strictest “Best if used by date” in the industry. Crush refers to the date the olives The only store in Delaware that carries Ultra-Premium certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is the highest standard of olive oil in the world. Certified as ultra-premium 14 months from the time of crush, representing the strictest “Best if used by date” in the industry. Crush refers to the date the olives were crushed and prepared for sale. Ultra-traceability from the tree to bottle including country of origin, crush date and chemical analysis as measured at time of crush is provided for each extra virgin olive oil. The most unique part, the store is truly a Tasting Center, designed to introduce quality oils from around the world and to assist in finding the right fit for your palate. You are the deciding factor in your selection of oils/vinegars. You are encouraged to sample individual items and also to indulge in the daily pairings of vinegars/oils. Season salts, jams and other items are also available.

Principled Money Management LLC

Principled Money Management provides reliable, trusted, personal financial assistance to clients who need help managing their day to day monetary affairs, document management, bill paying, checkbook balancing and medical claims filing. Our services are well suited to seniors, those with disabilities, busy professionals, extensive travelers and anyone overwhelmed with mail and unpaid bills. We will help you understand the cost of transitioning to a Continuing Care Community or Assisted Living and let you know how long your money will last in retirement. We serve the counties of New Castle, DE, Chester, PA and Cecil, MD.

Innovincent LLC

Are you a non-profit or small business looking to raise awareness for your brand and funding for your cause by hosting an event? Whether your event is next month or next year, we can help. Innovincent is a Delaware-based marketing and consulting firm that specializes helping non-profits and small businesses with their marketing, event planning, and fundraising needs.

Mid-Atlantic Mobile Battlefield

My company offers Nerf™ Dart Tag parties at "your" location. I would come to your location, home, park, indoor location, and set up a battlefield of pop-up bunkers or free standing blinds. Set up tables where the taggers, safety glasses and dart tag jersey's are presented to the party guests. At the start of the party, the official goes over the rules and game types, suits up the party guests and officiates games for the allotted time. Game times range from 1 hour to 2hrs 15min. Rentals are also available.

eVolve Brand Marketing

A new breed of local media/marketing agency. eVolve Brand Marketing promises delivers brand evolution strategies that position your brand to meet the needs of today's B2B and B2C customers. Our award winning creative team and a host of vendor relationships combine to bring you best-in-class design, technological innovation and cost saving solutions that elevate your brand and improve your bottom line.

Tyme Skateboards

skateboard company based on giving the opportunity to local artists and skateboarders to give back and no expense to them. They simply choose Tyme skateboards over the competition and the profits are put in a savings to accumulate until the local retailers want to host an event to begin to build new skate obstacles.

Our business acts as an environmentally friendly, virtual (online) independent renewable Natural Gas and Electricity supplier. We operate in the deregulated utility markets of the United States. We provide simple, integrated, and green Electricity and Natural gas energy services to businesses, organizations and homeowners. Our online presence allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while cutting major costs on overhead expenses. These ‘would have been expenses’ are passed down to the consumer as savings


The point of the Indie Game Stand is to put a spotlight on those indie titles which provide fantastic experiences, but may have been passed over by the mainstream gaming public, portals, websites, or whatever. This site is about supporting all of the fantastic and worthwhile indie developers out there. Every developer out there deserves a moment to shine. We started by featuring 1 game at a time for 4 days as a PWYW deal and recently expanded into an indie focused store.

Ugly Outfitters

Ugly isn't a sweater, it isn't a shirt, it's the feeling when you put on your finely crafted masterpiece that sits a little snug on your midsection, and you smile with glee. That's right, pure, glee. You know, when you walk down the street, your Ugly is keeping you warm and those stares of "that's ugly" are the best compliment you've gotten all day. So wear your Ugly with pride, friend. Because, you look awesome.


Online community to connect Shopper, Sellers and Delivery Drivers

Meals N Reels

Meals N Reels is a retail company that uses a 4x4 vehicle to drive on surf fishing beaches in Delaware and provide customers with hand-made fishing tackle, fresh/frozen bait, ice, and snacks/soft drinks.


entreDonovan offers custom clothing for the career wardrobes of women professionals. Pants, suiting, blouses, sweaters, accessories -- we can even configure custom shoes with an iPad app! We opened a pop-up shop in The Hotel DuPont in July 2013 and will open our first permanent location in Feb 2014. We're excited to be testing body scanning to improve speed and accuracy of the measuring process. Client response to our concept has been positive to date.

TM Posse

TM Posse is patent pending SaaS technology that helps companies protect their trademarks/brands in the digital advertising space. TM Posse systematically crawls the web to detect "click-to-call" ads that infringe on trademarks and/or deceives consumers - tricking them into calling a different company than the one they were searching. TM Posse captures the offending ad data, so clients may address the problem and reduce the number of "poached" calls. As a result, clients receive more calls and more sales.

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